menu in english language


Appetizer :

Chunk of oven fresh baguette with homemade herb butter

Two oven fresh rye bread rolls with dripping

Soups :

Homemade French onion soup (coated with cheese)  -only during wintertime-

Grandma´s traditional soup (clear gulasch soup with sauerkraut)

Small warm dishes :

Half dozen vineyard snails with whipped herb & garlic butter


Hearty cold dishes :

Original homemade Blackforest blood and liver sausages

Marinated, smoked goose breast with fresh mushroom slices topped with parmesan cheese (like a 'carpaccio')

fresh, strips of roast beef (cold) with 'remoulade' sauce

Original 'Graubündner' dried beef from Switzerland -dried in the classic or Italian style with cold pressed olive oil and fresh lemon juice-

'Tafelspitz' our style - thin slices of boiled beef with lettuce in a cream vinaigrette sauce

 -An assortment of bread an butter is served with all the above dishes and with the cheeses-

Cheese :

Goat cheese gratined

(French goats cheese gratineed with lemon cream upon, whole-meal bread - nutritionally complete! -)

Selection of cheeses from board (we offer you about 20 different raw milk cheeses; you can choose from a selection)


warm goat cheese on rocket salad

Our homemade fancy cheese biscuits (as an accompaniment to your wine)

Desserts :

Vanilla ice cream with caramel sauce


Vanilla ice cream with chocolate flakes

Vanilla ice cream with fruit from the rumtopf

Bärbels homemade ice parfait (various flavours)

we recommand a glass of 'Beerenauslese' from our winelist with your chosen dessert